Our Story

   Our founder Bobby is a positive man,2008 after his University gratuation,he worked in a company which manufacture refrigerator filter,it is the first time he have touched filters business.He is smart to realize filter is the best product to sell online or local store.Because all the families need to change about per 6 month,it is a large business chance.He want to build his own business but a young man was powerless to bear enough funds to prepare inventory.So he gave up this thougt temporarily,but only temporarily,he was always thinking and planing the business.
After 5 years later he did Well prepared to start his dream.He recollected his helplessness when he had to give up his dream only because limited funds and experience。So he bulid this website provide the newest cooperation method.It called dropshipping.A bridge connecte manufacturer and retail sellers 。
We are focusing on filter the good qualtiy products and provide good service.
Let both parties get benefits during the cooperation.